Dual Boot: Windows Phone + Android

Quer uma maneira mais fácil de escolher entre Windows Mobile e Android no seu Windows Phone? Com o lançamento do Gen.Y dualboot, o dual boot entre Windows Mobile e Android é finalmente uma realidade . Neste vídeo demonstramos como dualboot funciona. Como prometido, abaixo você vai encontrar instruções sobre como começar a trabalhar dualboot.


1. First get Android for your device and load the files onto a storage card. The easiest way to do this is to find the Android thread within the ROM Development forum of your device over at XDA. At the end of this post we’ll provide direct links for the more popular devices.

2. Download Gen.Y DualBOOT (choose the file based on your screen resolution) and install to main memory.

3. Reboot your device. You should be presented with the bootloader screen after a few seconds (once core Windows Mobile files are loaded). We’re hearing reports that for some device, this doesn’t happen. If that is the case, you’ll have to manually launch dualBOOT (not as fun, we know) by going to /Program Files/Gen.Y.


dualboot2Fonte: Pocketnow